Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013

Tell everyone that I'm doing great out here. We have a baptisimal date for the 13th of July with an investigator named Roger. 

I had a miracle last night. So as we got home, our neighbor was outside. We greeted him and he said, "Oh you're mormons? Well i'm not religious and not really interested." then turned around and walked inside. About 5 minutes later, Elder H (I'll refer to Elder Hickenlooper as Elder H from now on) he was in the restroom and I had the feeling to go outside. So I did and our neighbor was out there again. We saw lightning right about us and I asked him if he thought it would rain. I explained I was from Utah and had never seen a monsoon before but I was excited to see one. Gradually we got talking about why I was here and the beliefs that we had in common. Elder H joined us around then and we had a conversation for about an hour! He told us he'd never talked about religion before but was kinda curious to know what we believed. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a Resturation pamphlet and told him that if he wanted to read more that he could come and knock on our door. He seems like a stubborn guy but he said will read the BOM and I know it will bless his life.

Things here are great! It is nice and hot and I'm getting nice and tan. The ward is pretty small but everyone really likes us! I talked in church a little yesterday and was surprised to hear that people thought I had been out for like 4 months, not just a week. So that is a relief that I don't act like a greenie! I am learning so much and loving each and every day that I am serving. The hardest part is definitely the other missionaries not being obedient. The rest of the mission is pretty easy other than that. I don't know what kind of bike I got but it was on sale from $499 to $299. I got a helmet and lock and it totalled to $402 which was perfect for my $400 budget. My Address here is 939 West Chapala Dr Tucson, AZ 85704. 

How are things at home? Anything new happening??  I can't wait to hear from you guys again! I love you all!

~Elder Harris

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