Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello Utah!!!! I can't believe it but March has come and gone and it feels like it should only be January here! Well, in every way except the weather! Its been in the 80's all week! You thought that Gavin was tan from his weekend in St. George? Wait till I come home! I will be black compared to him. ;) This week was full of ups and not very many downs luckily! Hurt myself again playing basketball but it isn't too bad! I will explain later!

I am so happy that Xander made a decision to get married! He and Mary are going to be SO happy together. Knowing Xander, he didn't care so much as what he was wearing as how special the day was and that he was with Mary. It looks like someone else made a cardboard cut out of me so it's a good thing that you guys didn't cause there would be two of me there! It sounds like it was the perfect reception for him and Mary. The two kids in Kilts were probably Hamish and his brother. They are part Irish or something like that so they like to show off their colors! They work at My Fast PC too.

I'm glad that you guys are busy. That means more time doing what you need to do and less time worrying about your son getting hit in the nose during a Basketball game! :) The Daddy Daughter dance sounds like it was a success! Did Syd come over and dance with Dad? That would have been awesome! Just like old times. Do you guys still do Dads and Doughnuts?? I loved that! And it was even better when Dad showed up cause it was always a surprise! Usually grandpa would come and that was fun too. But it isn't the same as dad. :)

I did get to listen to that song last week dad! I LOVED IT!!! I downloaded it and put it on my mp3 player so that i can keep listening to it.

This week was WONDERFUL!!!

Tuesday we received a referral from a less-active member. The referrals name is Amidah. She is in her 40's and just found out that she has cancer. The day that she found out, she also got laid off from her job. So she has been struggling... She also has a 16 year old daughter who is super smart and will probably graduate at 17. We had out first meeting with Amidah and she told us that she had been looking for a church to become a member of for the past 5 years. So we taught her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. We came back on Thursday and she read the first 7 chapters!! We set a baptismal date for the 3rd of May! She wasn't able to make it to church yesterday but she said she'd come next week! So keep her in your prayers please :)

Wednesday was a good day too. It started off pretty normal until that night... It was just before 9 when we got in. So Mora and I decided that we'd go to the Basketball court in out complex and play a quick game. The first 3 minutes were fine but then something went terribly wrong. I had the ball and drove in towards the hoop. Mora was playing great defense and stayed right on me as a ran to score. We were side by side and I decided that I'd cut back and juke him out cause I'm a much better basketball player than he is! ;) Well I cut back and Elder Mora couldn't stop fast enough. His arm was a little high from running and as I cut back, his elbow and my nose became great friends! As soon as I got hit, I bent over and cupped my hand under my nose to catch the blood that was gushing out of it. I felt my nose and the first words that came out of my mouth were, "I think that I just broke my nose..." Still spilling blood everywhere we ran over to the laundry room right next to the court and someone let us in. I got to the bathroom and washed up. My nose looked like a giant square because of how swollen it was! After getting the bleeding to stop, we cleaned up the blood from off the floor in the laundry room and called the Zone Leaders to come over to take me to insta-care. I also called sister Killpack and she told me not to go to the doctor yet but to go in the morning. In the mean-time I was supposed to just ice it, take some ibuprofen and sleep on it. I didn't have any ice so I went across the street and bought a 5 lb bag for $3. Ridiculous!! The Zone Leaders still came over and while they were here, they kept making dumb nose jokes and puns. I couldn't help but laugh but laughing hurt. Some of the ones they said were, "Is it broken Elder Harris? Who 'nose'!" and "Nose goes!" and "Remember, Jesus 'nose' what your going through." I woke up the next morning and the swelling had gone down a lot but it still hurt really bad. And I had 2 black eyes. My nose is still straight but I think its just cracked. They cant do anything to fix those though. Just suck it up! So I’m showing off my black eyes like a boss and telling everyone that Elder Mora couldn't keep up with me in Basketball and so he threw and elbow to stop me! I’m feeling much better and the swelling is pretty much gone. Still hurts a little but I'll be alright! If you want to send me some more Tylenol or ibuprofen that would be great! :)

Thursday we went to ASL class. I love learning Sign Language! I have learned how to pray, introduce myself as a missionary for the church, ask someone to learn more about Christ, how to bear my testimony, and now how to say the missionary purpose! The weird thing is that the sentence structure is much different than English. So instead of "Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement" it would be "Jesus Christ His Atonement Faith. Learning is tough but once you get it then its so much fun to have conversations from across the room with people!

On Friday I wanted to make brownies. I bought a mix on Monday but realized I didn't have an egg... So I thought about who in our complex I could ask and the name Maria came into my mind. Maria is about 60 and Mexican. She always waves at us and tells us to come over anytime. So we went over and explained why we were there and she invited us right in! We got to talking and were there for about 45 minutes before she got out the egg. But During the conversation we got onto the subject of church. She said, "I've always wondered what makes your church different than mine. Can you tell me?" We of course said yes! So we are now teaching her!! She gave me an egg as well as 6 tamales that she made and a block of cheese. So that was an awesome delicious miracle! And the brownies were good too. :)

Saturday was the best day this week by far. We got up at 6 and went to the church at 7. When we got there, we put up chairs and started filling up the baptismal font for Trey! He and his family, ALL his family, showed up at 7:30 and so we talked for half an hour as we waited for everyone else to get there. At approximately 8:21 Charles "Trey" Nicholson III was baptized a member of the church. At 8:28 he was confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I have never seen Trey cried but I saw him cry right then. It was simply an amazing experience for me and Elder Mora but more so for Trey! I love him so much! Right after the Baptism, we helped him move out of his house. He is moving about an hour south to Sauarita. He is super happy to be moving but doesn't want to leave the ward. It will be good for him and his wife though!

Yesterday was so funny! Mora's recent convert, Greg, came to church. It was SOOO great to have him there! But he smelled like alcohol super strong. He was super drunk! In Sunday School, he kept saying, "I don't want this to be the 'Greg Show' but I have a problem and I need help with that." He kept saying "I'm only a little drunk but I need to quit." Our Zone Leaders were in there and texted us saying, "I love the Greg Show! #AlcoholAnonymous #NotAnymore!!" I couldn't stop laughing! It was such a funny meeting. But he said that he loved church and wanted to keep coming back. So I'm super happy he had a good experience! :)

Well that's my week! I love you all so much! I can't wait to Skype you all soon! Enjoy conference and feel free to write me a lot of letters during the sessions. :) I LOVE YOU!!!

~Elder Kyle Harris

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hello family! Thank you all for your emails! I loved it so much!! I have 11 emails this week and I always read yours first and reply back before I ever read anyone else’s emails. I hope that makes you happy! :) This week was AMAZING!! We had so much happen and saw so many miracles! But I need to answer some questions from the emails I got this week.

I am in the Palo Verde Ward in the East. My Bishop is Benjamin Howe. He is SOOO cool! He is about 6' 6" and in amazing shape! He plays basketball with us every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings at 5:30. There are 2 sets of missionaries in the ward. Us and the Zone Leaders. They are really cool :) Our ward is the base ward, which means that everyone that is Mormon in the air force that lives on base is in our ward! That also means that we get to go on base all the time to go to dinners! I had a really cool experience on base that I'll tell you about a little later. :)

MOM: I didn't tell you about what happened to my foot. It wasn't as bad as it looks, it was just a bleeder. But I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry! Basically I was flipping a knife around and when I tried to do 2 whole rotations with it, I got a little scared to catch it. Because of the 14 years of soccer, I learned to catch things with my feet. Well... It just bounced off my foot! I had my shoes on luckily and when I took them off, I had a cut that was only about a centimeter long and 2 centimeters deep. Nothing too bad! :) It just bled cause I hit a vein right on the spot. Luckily my knife was sharp so it didn't do a lot of damage.

DAD: My clothes are holding out great! My shoes still fit and so do my pants! That is good cause that means I haven't gained too much weight! I do need some more garments though... Somehow I have ended up with only 7 pairs and so I am doing a lot of laundry and it’s kinda a waste. So if you want to send me some more tops and bottoms of dry-lux, I'd love that :)

Alright! Lets get onto the week then!

So one of our investigators, Bob, is really struggling right now. Satan is really working on him... He owes $15,000 in child support and another $9,000 for interest. So that is $24,000 and the bank wont help him because it is over $20,000. So he is most likely going to lose his house and his job. He doesn't know what he is going to go or what he is going to do. He didn't come to church yesterday either because when he leaves, his son comes over and steals from him. His son has stole a generator and over 50 DVD's. I don't know what is going to happen to Bob but keep him in your prayers please!

On Tuesday, we were supposed to go on Exchanges with our District Leader. We didn't get out of our lesson until 10:05... that's 30 minutes later than we are supposed to be home. Plus, we had to walk home (it was only like 5 blocks away but we were already late). So we start walking and we pass this bus stop. There is a lady sitting there and we say hi as we pass by. About 10 steps later, I get hit with the Spirit and say to Mora, "We're already late, lets go talk to that lady." So we go back and ask her if she is alright. She just kinda looks at us like, Who are you guys? I introduce myself as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and tell her that I felt prompted by the Spirit to come and talk to her. She smiled and started crying. She told us that she was walking home and as she was walking, she felt like she needed to stop at the bus stop. Her husband was killed there a little while ago and she tied ribbons to the backing of it to remind her of him. So she went over and checked on them then sat there and waited for God to tell her what to do next. That's when we showed up. We were able to bear our testimonies that her and her husband could be together for all time and eternity and not just "till death do you part". She couldn't stop crying and smiling. Elder Mora asked her "How do you feel right now after talking to us?" She said "I feel much better. I felt better before you guys said anything. This is an answer to my prayers." Her name is Deandra and we are meeting with her again this Wednesday. I can't wait! She is SOOO Prepared!!! And it was all the Spirit that did it.

 The Zone Leaders gave us a referral this week too. They said "The girlfriend was a member but very less active. She wants to get into the addiction recovery program. The boyfriend is a non-member but wans to get baptized. Congrats." They had an appointment set up for 7 so we went over and met with them. Her name is Nichole and his is Chris. He is AMAZING!! He knows so much about our church already and loves our focus on the family. So we taught the Restoration and he soaked it all in. THEN Nichole came in and bore her testimony about the church. Turns out that she is only a member of 2 years. She has a super strong testimony of the church, she just needed to be in a situation that allowed her to have it come back out. He also works on bikes, So he fixed Elder Mora's bike and gave him a bag for his bike. It is normally about $100 but he gave it to him for free! So now we don't really have to carry our bags cause we have one on the bike. He has one for me too but he has to check with his mom if he can give it to me. So I might get a nice bike bag!! This week, Mora has also got a jacket and a set of really nice golf clubs all for free! All he said was, "That's a nice jacket" and "Those are nice clubs" and they just said, "Well then its yours!" I might have to compliment people on things and maybe I will get lucky too. ;)

 So we went on base this week to a members house for dinner, the Whites. He is obviously in the air force but super funny which is kinda hard to come by with a job like the one he has. So after dinner, Elder Williamson (one of the zone leaders) asked him if he liked guns. Brother White said he did. Williamson asked if he liked shot guns and brother white said, "No not really. I only have 3 of them." All of us realized that meant that the ones that he did like, he must have a lot of them. He offered to show us his collection and took us into his garage. There were 4 safes in there. The smallest one was 4 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft (high x width x deep). It was empty. The next one was 4 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft and it was full of magazines for all different kind of guns. The next one was 5 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft. This one was filled completely full with ammo! All different kinds! The last one was the biggest! It was 5 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft. It was full of GUNS!!! From A.R. 15's to A.K. 47's to guns that folded in half that I'd never even seen before! It was actually really cool :) I took about 50 pictures with all different guns! It was amazing!!

Well That pretty much sums up my week! We had a lot of fun and kicked trash! I love it out here! The mission is the greatest decision I have ever made! I love the church and I love my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your emails! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

~Elder Kyle Harris

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe that is p-day already! This week FLEW by for me! But for some reason, church was unusually slow... It took forever! I mean it was great and all but being in a new ward with people that I don't know and don't know me, it is really hard for me joke around cause I don't know anyone! This was actually my first time in my real ward. 2 weeks ago was the Temple Dedication and last week was our Stake Conference. The only people I really know are the ones that we've had dinner with and that come play basketball in the morning. We have been getting some great numbers out for basketball in the mornings! We had 9 there this morning. But I was exhausted! I'll explain why in a bit.

FAMILY: I am SOOO proud of you for reaching out to that family and inviting them to come be with you all for Sunday Dinner! That makes me so happy to hear that the Spirit is working in their lives now too! Elder Mora has a book that we read from every day for companion study. It is known as "Member Missionary Work". It is just a little green book that we read from. But basically what it talks about in one section is that there are 5 different people everyday that are ready to be baptized. It is just up to us to find them as guided by the Spirit. And that is exactly what you guys did! You followed the Spirit and had a good experience!

Connor: I am sorry that your guitar broke. But just remember it was an accident and that it is just a material thing. Besides, now you can get a new guitar! Don't empty mom and dad's pockets with the price but make sure you get a nice one that you won't leave on the floor. ;)

C.C. is one of our investigators but I think that we are going to drop her this week... She believes that the church is true and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. But for some reason, she doesn't think that we are the only church that has the Priesthood power. She believes that the Orthodox Jews have it as well. She also believes that no religion is as close to God as the indians are and so she will never join. We'll keep in touch with what happens with her.

I met Elder Mora's recent Convert this week! His name is Greg. Greg left Arizona and went to New Mexico to work in the mines for a little while. He was strong in the church and clean from cigarettes and alcohol for 4 months. However, they lost contact when he left and he hadn't seen him for about 2 months. Well we found him randomly! We set up a time to come over and when we did, he was smashed drunk... We picked up 35 cans from the floor. He promised he'd stop and that he'd come to a baptism with us the next day, but the next day he was drunk again. We went over to talk to him and I asked him what time he got up that morning. "7" he said. "When did you open your first beer today?" I asked. "...7" he replied. He won't tell us why he went back to drinking but we know that it has to do with the people that we around him at the mine and he felt lonely and needed to turn to alcohol. I wish that he would try to change but he doesn't even have the desire to. He is so concentrated on staying drunk that he gets mad or sad thinking about not drinking anymore. We are going to get the ward involved big time to fellowship him and help him feel supported and friendshipped so that he will come back to church and give up drinking and smoking again!

So I know that I spent some money from my personal account, but it was TOTALLY worth it! I went to Good Will with Mora and found the nicest, cleanest, brown suit! It is a 3 piece and fit me perfectly! I couldn't have had it tailored to fit me any better! So I had to buy it. It was only $20 so it was super cheep for a really nice suit. I wore it to district meeting and all of the guys were coveting it! One Elder told me he would trade both his suits for the one I was wearing. I declined because I love it already! :)

We have an investigator named Trey. He has a baptismal date for the 29th and we realized that he haven't really brought that up in our recent lessons and that since that is next weekend, it is getting super close and we needed to know if he was still on. He walk inside and he and his wife talk about how they are moving and they found a house and they will get the keys on the 28th so they can move on the 29th. My heart sunk... He grabbed his wife's hand and said, "We are going to need some help moving if that's alright. I was thinking that after my baptism thatSaturday we could ask some of the people there if they would come help out." My face lit up and we both said yes super fast! He says that he is still struggling with the whole Joseph Smith thing but that if all this good came from one man and what he said happened, it can't be false. We showed him the mormon message of Elder Hollands "Testimony about the Book of Mormon" and it is all about how Joseph Smith couldn't have faked it. It is a really good video and short and BOLD. I Loved it! :) So he is on for the 29th!!!!

We found out something in our personal and companions studies this week..... The Terrestrial Kingdom in the next life is for those members who aren't valiant in the Testimony of the Church. Or in other words, Less Actives of the church. HOWEVER (and this is the sad part...) as stated in D&C and the Gospel Principles manual, it is also a place for those people who reject the Gospel in this life but accept it in the next life. How sad is that? This is why missionary work is SO important. I don't know how God decides if someone had a chance to know what we were teaching then rejected it or how all that is going to work. But it is not only my job but also the members of the church's job to make sure that everyone has a chance to hear the message because if they reject it all without knowing what we believe, ignorance isn't bliss and there will be consequences associated with that decision.

I love Elder Mora so much! He is a stud of a missionary and talks to EVERYONE!!! It is a little embarrassing at first because it will start off awkward but most of the time it gets a lot better and something comes out of it! My mission doesn't feel like work anymore. I enjoy every day because we get along and joke around and just have fun! For example (this is why I was exhausted this morning), we got home last night, made our calls and get in our pj's. As we were getting ready for bed, we found a box in the closet in the top corner. Neither of us noticed it before but we pulled it down. IT WAS A PUZZLE!!!! We checked it out for a bit then decided we were going to finish it before we went to bed. It was a 500 piece puzzle and the worst part was, it was the kind where ALL the pieces look exactly the same because they are all the same color! It was a little frustrating after the first hour but then we turned some music on and just started messing around with it. 3 hours from when we started, we FINISHED! I got some pictures and then looked at the clock. 1:30 in the morning.... oops! So we went to bed right away and then got up at 5:30 for basketball. Good thing it's p-day! P stands for... something that has to do with sleep! There are no synonyms for sleep that start with a p.. :p

Well I must be off! Got lots to do today. But I love you SOOO MUCH!!! Thank you for the emails and for the prayers! I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the Earth today!!

~Elder Kyle Harris

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello Family!

This week was absolutely amazing!! I have so much to say and so little time to tell you all about it! So lets get right into it!
Elder Mora, a BYU folk dancer, Elder Williamson, Elder Harris

Elder Mora is 19 and from Kansas City Missouri. He is such a stud! He came out not knowing very much about the Gospel and not knowing how to ride a bike. Now, he has such a strong testimony and bears it to EVERYONE he sees. And he can ride a bike like a champ! He is such a great companion. He always lets me know I'm doing great and we work so well off of each other. He finishes his sentence or gets lost with his words and looks at me and I can pick it right up just like I was starting the sentence myself! He is Mexican so he speaks Spanish really well and is teaching me some too. This also means that he is not afraid to talk to anyone because whether they speak English or Spanish, he can talk to them! We also have the sign language missionaries over here in the East and they have a class every Thursday morning for us missionaries to come learn sign language! I know how to say, "Hello, my name is Elder Harris. We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Out church has special missionaries that know a lot more sign language. Would you like to hear more about Jesus Christ." And little things like "Cool story bro" and so on. Just little things here and there. I absolutely love it here! Now lets talk about our investigators.

This week we hit SOE's! (Standards Of Excellence). We have 4 baptismal dates, 2 came to church and both are now progressing investigators, found 3 news, had 5 lessons with a member present and taught 21 lessons! I haven't hit SOE's since Casas Adobes ward 4 1/2 months ago! Our 3 news are C.C., Katherine, and Rea. All 3 of them are girls.

C.C. is in her 70's and smokes A LOT!!! She is super smart and knows all about our church and has already read the Book of Mormon. Turns out that C.C. has insomnia and so she sleeps maybe once or twice every few months. This gives her a lot of time to read and so she read through our Book. She said that she already knows that it is true and that she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. She told us the whole restoration story before we had the chance to tell it to her ourselves! She said that if she was going to join a church someday it would either be Mormonism or Orthodox Jew's. She says that they are really close to each other but I don't know if that's true or not. But she hasn't lied to us yet! In fact she is very out spoken and said that once she was in the middle of a church service and stood up and told the preacher what she thought of him. People were telling her to sit down but she just stood there and told him what he was saying wrong and how he needed to change or he was doomed for damnation. She also told us about her past. She has been in several federal courts and in one of them she attacked the judge with a bowie knife. They still don't know how she got it into the court room or where she pulled it out of but it was against him stomach and she was ready to let loose on him. It was a pretty crazy story. Then she said, "That was just one experience I've had with judges. I have 8 stamps from different federal judges that all say I'm considered Armed, Lethal and Dangerous. I always have a knife within arms reach and know how to use it better than any man you can dream of." Here we were sitting in her house and she was telling us this and i didn't really know what to do. Then she said, "But I would never hurt a man of God. And I know that you guys are from God so you don't need to worry about anything. If anyone messes with you, just say you know me, and they will leave you alone. No one messes with me." So that was comforting to know! Man, I've missed the ghetto so much! :)

Katherine is 25 and used to be Lutheran. She is now agnostic atheist which means that she doesn't know if there is a God but won't say there is one. She became this way because the stories in the Old Testament scared her and she didn't see why God would let that happen. So now she just says that there isn't a true church and that is about it! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she would love to read it. She then invited us to come to one of her atheist get togethers. She says they have one every Friday and this week was drink godlessly and next week was caffeine gloriously or something like that. We said that we would try to come to the one next week. She said that they love when people come who aren't atheist because everyone has skewed views that people who are atheist basically are Emo's or listen to Screamo music all the time. Not true. So we might attend that meeting next week. There will be no bashing and no preaching so we wouldn't really be able to fulfill our purpose that I know of. So we'll see what happens!

Last but greatest of all is Rea. Her real name is Robin Elaine Ahng. She is 55 and been through the worse things than I could possibly imagine. We were in her apartment complex Saturday night and saw her door was open. We both felt prompted to go over and talk to her. She let us right in and just started telling us her life story. At the age of 4 she realized that he parents didn't love her because they beat her senseless almost every night. At 9, her sister convinced her to go into a mans house to get some candy from him and he used her in the worst ways. He sister sold her to that man. It happened again at a club when she was 13 because of her other sister. At 15, she was living on the streets fending for herself. She met a guy who we will call Matt (just to protect his privacy I guess). Matt seems like he is the greatest man alive. He plays guitar and drums and sings amazingly. He is kind and honest when you first meet him. But when you get to know him, you learn otherwise. For 10 years, she was beaten, cheated on, and tortured horribly. She finally got a divorce then he convinced her to give him another chance. So they got re-married later that same year and then split up for good after another 5 years. She then met David, the love of her life. They were inseparable after that. She loved him and he loved her. It was meant to be. But Matt didn't like David because it made Rea happy. So one day while David and Rea were at home enjoying each other's company, Matt broke the door down and shot David 8 times in the chest. Rea went into shock and when she came to, the paramedics were there and told her that they couldn't save him. He was gone. She looked at him and he was white, cold, and his eyes were milky. The paramedics said that Matt called in when he came to visit her and saw David on the ground shot and she passed out next to him. Matt falsified the police report and the police wouldn't let Rea change anything on there because they said she was mentally unstable. This was 3 years ago and Matt still roams free. He stalked Rea till about 2 weeks ago when he was picked up by Federal Marshals outside of her apartment because he hadn't shown up to court for a speeding ticket. Rumor has it that he is now in rehab. She sat there for a little then cried harder than she had before and said, "I just wish that God would take me now so I can be with David again... I would do it myself but then I wouldn't be with David cause I would be in Hell. I just want this all to be over." When we met Rea, she was in pieces. She didn't stop crying for the 2 hours that we were there. We didn't say a single word till she finished her stories then said, "God really did send you didn't He. No one has ever just sat and listened to me and that is all I have asked God for for 5 years now." We explained that we were sent from God and that we had a special message from Him to her. That He loved her more than she could ever imagine! We talked about the Book of Mormon and how Christ died for all of our sins AND OUR SORROWS!! That was Saturday night when we met her. We went back yesterday and she was Smiling! She said that she had never felt the Spirit of God until yesterday when we came over. Not only did she feel it when we were there, She felt it after we left and all that night. She told us that she stayed up till 7:30 in the morning reading from the Book of Mormon, the Ensign we left her, and from Psalms. She said that she was done with her drug addictions. Now that she knew Christ and knew that God really was there and loved her, she wanted to be there with Him. She told us that she would be okay from now on and that she had forgiven Matt and her parents and her sisters. What a change in just one night!! I am the luckiest missionary in the entire world. I saw how the Spirit can truly change somebody. It was just as amazing as the conversion story of Alma the younger. We were her angels that showed her the right path. She is also an answer to my prayers. I knew there was someone out here that needed me and she showed me that it is true. God does hear and answer our prayers. He did with me and He did with Rea.

I love it here in the east! We play basketball every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings with guys from the ward. We also play rugby Saturday nights with our zone.

I read a quote in this month’s Ensign. It is in the talk "Trials, Tribulations and Trust in the Lord". This is the quote, "I have learned much from a book titled Why Did This Happen to Me? by Ray Pritchard. He says: 'Sometimes we will face things for which there is no earthly explanation. In those moments we need to erect a sign that reads, "Quiet: God at Work." Meanwhile, hold on, child of God. Keep believing. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Let God do His work in you. The greatest tragedy is to miss what God wants to teach us through our troubles.'"

"Quiet: God at Work." This goes hand in hand with your quote dad. God knows what he wants us to be and how we can become that. We may not agree at first but when we finally show him our faith, we become mansions!

I wish that I had more time but I have to get going. I have used my whole on this but it is worth it. I want you to know that I am safe and I sound. I love my mission and I wouldn't give it up for anything!

Yes I know Elder Makin! I love him very much!

Yes the Drop Box worked. :) Thank you! I love the pictures!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Remember that God is always watching our every move and is very mindful of what we need. Just ask in faith and you will receive.

Much love,

~Elder Kyle Harris