Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hello Mother and Father! Things couldn't be going a whole lot better!!.... that is... unless of course my bike wasn't stolen...! I had it for 11 days and someone took it. So what happened was we were going around and visiting less-actives and we went to this one house. We set our bikes against the inside of the concrete wall and knocked on the door just to set up an appointment to come back. But the mother pushed us in and explained why she wasn't coming to church. It would have been a short meeting except she was from Africa so I didn't understand a single thing she said... So she had 2 of her daughters come in and translate for her and after about 35 minutes I remembered our bikes! So i ran outside and saw a bike that wasn't either of ours on the ground next to the empty wall where we had placed our bikes. Everyone including the less active family ran outside and looked for them for about an hour. The dad was on his way home from work when he saw someone walking down the street with a bike and helmet but he seemed suspicious. She the dad confronted him and the man dropped everything and took off! We hurried back to the house when we heard the news but it wasn't either of our bikes.. But somehow it was Elder Hickenloopers helmet! I don't think we are going to be getting them back... But President Killpack said that he would either get us new bikes or a car. I'm really hoping for the car cause it is so hot here! Don't worry about it though. Everything will work out. Besides, because we were walking, we got 3 new investigators in 2 days! So it really is a blessing in disguise.
I gave you the mission address cause I will be transferred eventually and it will be easier for you to send it to the mission office so they can send it to me than sending it to the wrong address. But my address is 405 East Prince Rd. Tucson AZ 85704. We live in sandstone apartments number 605. If you could send me a package that would be great. I am so happy to hear that the family is doing great! Last week sounded packed for you guys but I bet that it flew by! This week flew by for me too. Tell everyone that I love them and that I miss them. You are the greatest family I could ever ask for!
Love you with all my heart,
~Elder Harris

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