Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th

Hey everyone!!  I stayed in my room all night for the 4th of July! Isn't that exciting!? ;)

We met this woman named Wendy L. She is 41 and into heavy drugs and occasional drinking. She was baptized when she was 17 but since then has been through so much abuse and mental struggling that she fell away. She is on medication for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and has been in and out of mental hospitals throughout the years. Well on Saturday night we had 15 minutes left before we were supposed to be inside but we got the feeling to go visit her. We went in and just talked with her for a little and then she asked us to say a prayer with her. She also asked us to bless the house because she says she sees evil spirits every night. So we did so. I asked her immediately after to read the Book of Mormon. I explained that if she wanted to get better, get over her addictions, and come closer to God that she must read this book or she would struggle for the rest of her life. She accepted then we left. I wasn't sure why I said that but it needed to be said. Sunday morning came around and we gut up at 6:30 just like we always do. At 6:45 we got a call from her. She said she had never felt so comforted and never been so close to God before and she wanted a ride to come to church. We were blown away! She was turned off to the idea of joining the church again then she ended up calling us to schedule her a ride for EVERY WEEK that we are here. The Spirit really does convert people, not us as missionaries. Listen intently for the Spirit and the most important part of that is to follow it's guidance and council. You and those you come in contact with will be blessed more fully than your cup can hold. Look for those miracles every day and you will never lose the Spirit.

Because we got our bikes stolen, we try and contact as we walk places. Because of that, we have a baptism date for an investigator named Frank. He is 17, living on his own, and is a southern baptist. He is probably one of the only investigators I will ever have that always asks the right questions to lead into our discussion for that day. Its amazing! He is the Golden Investigator that ever companionship is looking for. I am really excited to see how he progresses.

Much love, 
~Elder Harris

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