Monday, September 9, 2013

September 3, 2013

This week was a great one! We had the BIGGEST miracle that anyone has ever seen from our mission. Our Mission President cried when he heard it. This is what happened....

So we went on splits earlier this week. I went with a kid named Ryan Bos (He is 19 and just sent in his papers) and Elder H went with a new ward memeber named Matt Smith. We have a new investigator named Charlie. She is in her 70's, black, and from the south. She is so funny! So Elder H went with Matt Smith to go visit her. They showed up at 7 and right then she was walking out of her house. When she saw them she said, "I'm heading to my bible study and you're coming with me!" They were nervous it would be at a church and just turn into a bible-bash but it was just next door in a litle house. As the walked in, there were 3 older women already sitting down. Elder H said he thought he just walked into a sewing party! One of the older ladies named Rose said, "Dave is going to be so happy to see you!" Within minutes Dave pulled into the driveway in a giant van. 10 people got out of the van and came into the house for the study. Dave told us tha he was told by the Lord that "..These are the latter days and we need to prepare for he Second Coming." THOSE WERE HIS EXACT WORDS!!! Basically, he goes and picks everyone up in his van and then they read a chapter from the bible and try to figure out what it says. They eventually had Matt and Elder H take over and lead the study session. As they finished the chapter and Elder H was about to leave, Rose said she wanted to bear her testimony. She told us that she was in the hospital with cancer and bleeding in her brain. The doctors told her and her sons that she had 7 days left to live. The boys came in the next day and said the Lord told them she wouldn't die and they wanted her under house care. The doctors argued and argued but eventually had to let her go. It has now been 3 weeks and the cancer is basically gone. The bleeding in her brain has stopped and she is able to walk again. It is truely a miracle! We asked if we could come back next Thursday and teach them again and they said YES!!! So in other words... WE FOUND 12 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK!!! What a miracle! The Lord blessing us more than we could imagine. The next night, Elder H dreamed that we invited them all to be baptized for the same day and they accepted! I know it was inspiration and I am so excited to see what happens wih this group!

So this is the beginning of week 5 of transfer 2. This means that we have 2 weeks till transfers... President came to Elder H's training on Wednesday so he's most likely getting stepped up to Zone Leader this transfer. I have mixed feelings cause we've grown close and accomplishing a lot. But I know that with a new companion, I'll learn a lot and it will help me grow.

Roger is our other black investigator. He is in his 50's and has been investigating the church since 1995. He is finally getting baptized this Saturday! I'm SOOO Happy for him!!! :)

We went to dinner the other night with a family named the Foss family. He said something profound about the Spirit and unfortunately I don't remember what he said! But I wrote down the first thought that popped into my head. It was this.
"Isn't it crazy how we have a member of the God-head with us on this Earth that can guide us and be with us always and yet we don't take the time or effort to come to know or recognize Him." I have been thinking about that since we had dinner with them. So that is my goal and what I would like to extend to you. Do everything you can to focus on the Spirit; the feelings you feel, the ideas that come, and the thing's He's telling you to do. We all could use the Spirit in our lives more and I know that He will NEVER lead us astray.
I love you all so much! Never forget that but more importantly, never forget the Lord loves you! Miss you all! Write back soon!

Much Love,

~Elder Harris

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