Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!! This email may not be very long this week but I will do my best to extend all my stories out a little longer so it looks just as long. :P Each day this week flew by but the week itself went by really slow. Looking back at last Tuesday and Wednesday seems like it has been forever ago! But maybe that's just cause I have been trying to focus on each day instead of the week in its entirety. However, only like 3 cool things happened this week. Let me tell you about my week and then we will see what happens from there.

This last Tuesday I went on exchanges with my district leader, Elder Zeegan George. He is from Sandy Utah as well. I didn't learn a whole lot about his family or what he likes to do but right now, he loves the mission and has put his home life on hold completely. It's really cool to hear about the changes he has been able to make out here cause then it allows me the time and chance as well to reflect on the changes I've been able to make. We saw SOO many miracles that day! Here are just a few of them:

As we were planning Tuesday morning to see which families in the Pima 1st ward we should visit, we chose 6 families and then decided we should pray and ask if there was anyone else we should add to the list. When we finished the prayer, he had the feeling that we should put another one on there and a name came to my mind. It was the Peterson Family. We had been told to go see them last week but they don't have a phone number and we couldn't find their house. So we put them on the list and headed out for the day. We saw a few families and had some great experiences! Then we went looking for a brother Milsap. But we got a little lost... we ended up going down some dirt road about half a mile and it ended at 2 houses, a brown one and a white one. We decided we should knock on them but couldn't decide which one. Elder George kept looking at the brown one and said that we should go to that one. But I looked at the white one and said that we should knock the white one first and then the brown one if we needed to. He said, "It's your area." and followed me to the door. We knocked and a man answered the door with a friendly "Hello Elders! Come on inside!" We introduced ourselves and he said "I'm Brother Peterson. Welcome to our home." THIS WAS THE SAME PETERSON FAMILY THAT WE HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR LAST WEEK AND PLANNED TO SEE TODAY!!!! Oh it was so cool to see the Lord's hand like that! She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and it has been really tough for them to deal with. She goes through radiation this week then Kimo next week. They said they really needed us to come over and share message with them. So that was really cool!!

We then went out to Bylas again, that is the Apache Indian Reservation. First we saw Leon. He told us he had read the Restoration Pamphlet and believed it! After telling us what the Apache's believed, we realized how close it was to what we believe! He told us about the Holy Ghost and how it works and feels, but he explained it like a hummingbird. We told him about the Book of Mormon and he told us he would read and pray about it! We challenged him to Baptism and he accepted a date of June 28th. Elder George set that date and it wasn't till we got home that night that we realized it was impossible for him to keep. The rule in the mission is you have to go to church 3 times at least. With the date, he would only have the opportunity to go twice... So we are going out there tomorrow to reset it and help him make arrangements to go to church.

We then went over to Joey's who is a potential we have. Long story short, he wasn't home. But his mom was! She told us she used to be Lutheran but wasn't anymore cause there wasn't a church out in Bylas that she believed in. So we asked her what she believed in and told he that we believed all that and more. She was just leaving right then but asked for a Book of Mormon and then asked us to come back and talk to her more about what we believe! So both Leon and Joey's mom were miracles to me!

This week, I hit a year!! We treated it as a normal day until that night when we got home! We had ice cream and we were going to make a cake but I don't have a pan or eggs so I'll make it today instead. :) BUT I BURNED MY SHIRT!!! I am going to try to put it onto a google doc's from but we will see if I can get into it first. :P If that doesn't work then I will put it into a drop-box account and see if I can get that to work. But it was insane! We bought a bottle of lighter fluid and took the shirt out to the middle of our property where there is just rocks and dirt. We took a short stick and taped it to a bigger on to make a "t" then got it to stand up with rocks holding it up. We hung the shirt on and lit it up! We used the entire bottle of lighter fluid on it... :) The flame was HUGE for about 3 seconds before it melted the tape and the shirt fell down but continued to burn. It was probably like 15 or 20 feet high and the heat was super intense and we were like 20 feet away from it. The video is super cool and hopefully I can get it to start working!

And of course, it was Fathers day yesterday. Dad, Happy Fathers day! I love you so much! We were talking about memories we had with our dads yesterday and I had a lot come to mind. I've talked about them in past emails but I want to remind you cause I know how your memory is starting to fade now-a-days. ;) Remember that Thanksgiving where it was just me and you? You didn't want Turkey, you wanted Ham! But we didn't have anything else to go with it so instead of making potatoes or green beans, we had ham, a banana, pickles, popcorn, and diet coke! We had our meat, fruits, and vegies in it (popcorn is made from corn which is a vegie, right?)... I also remember you taking me to St. Johns with you for the 24th of July Celebration. I remember the ride down there was super squished cause I sat in the middle in the back taking up everyone's leg and arm room. That was such a great trip! I remember going on the Fathers and Sons campout and sleeping in the bed of the truck on an air mattress but there was a hole it in so it was super uncomfortable... :P But you were always the life of Fathers and Sons and made it fun for all the guys there, even the older ones. Of course there was clear creek! As a 5th grader, I got special treatment when it came to my pot gut trap! We used peanut butter back then which works a WHOLE lot better than those seeds. Plus it fattens us the potguts and makes the kids feel better knowing they caught one that was like 5 lbs instead of like 1 lb. I got to use peanut butter AND a special blend of seed that no other kid had! I wish I had more time to go over all my memories but I just want to say, I love you dad. Thank you for always putting up with me and always being the best example to me!

I sent home a package this week. It should get there today. Inside is something for everyone including Syd and Dave. I also have a new suit in there and my box of mission memories that I want to keep safe there at home. Feel free to go through it! Most of them are just letters and you can go through them if you have to but if you don't, that would be best (just some secrets that my friends don't want me to put out for the whole world to know). Well, I think that is about everything! The heat lost this week to the Spurs and so the Spurs are the new NBA Champions! GO SPURS!! ;) Also, the U.S. plays in their world cup game today. Let me know how it is if you watch it. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

~Elder Kyle Harris

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