Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter From Br. Swegle

Elder Harris,
 Hope this finds you well and working hard!
 Can you please make sure this gets forwarded to your parents?
Brother Swegle

Brother and Sister Harris,
 My name is Brother Chuck Swegle, the Ward Mission Leader here in the Casas Adobes Ward in Tucson Arizona.
 I know what a sacrifice it is to have your son serving a full time mission, and how at this time of year he will be missed by both of you.
 I have had five of my children serve full time missions and I know the blessings that we receive for our sacrifices supporting them in their efforts as missionaries.
 Elder Harris has been of great service to us here in Tucson. His spirit of dedication and service has enabled him to provide a great blessing to members and non-members in our ward.
 I personally appreciate Elder Harris and all that he does to help me in filling my calling. 
 We have a unique situation here in Casas Adobes since we have three companionships serving with us. It is my privilege to work very closely with all of them as we meet together  several times a week, and text each other almost daily so that we can be effective in the work that we are doing. Because of this closeness I really get to know the missionaries very intimately and appreciate all of them.
 I had the privilege of working with your son for six months, and was sorry to have him move on to another assignment, but know it is important for his growth. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Elder Harris. I have a lot of fun working with him. You can be assured that he truly enjoys the work here. He is not my son but I can say that he holds a place in my heart as a son does.
 In the October Conference, President Monson said “Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together, to work together, to labor in the Lord’s vineyard to bring souls unto Him.” Elder Harris has taken that to heart, and does a great job of working with members in our ward to help them enjoy the blessings of missionary work.
 Thank you for sharing your son with us for the brief time that we have him with us. We truly appreciate him and are grateful for him and you for enabling this to happen.
 With Love and Gratitude,

Brother Chuck Swegle

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