Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hello Family!!

I don't think this p-day could have come any slower! Well it could have not come at all but that would have been lame! I don't know why but everything just seemed to ddddrrrraaaagggg.... This week was really strange and off for me and my district. Let me tell you about the week.

Tuesday was just a normal day! I don't really remember what we did on that day. We have been spending a lot of time finding new investigators cause our teaching pool went from like 15 to like 5.... And we don't really know what happened. When Mora left, it seemed like people just kinda disappeared. Lots of people moved and others don't want us coming anymore. It was strange! But my Ward Mission Leader told me not to get discouraged about being let go. The reason why they let us go is because they already have a strong testimony that they church is true and they need us to go out and let other people know about the message we have! I couldn't help but laugh but its a good way to keep from getting down I guess.

Wednesday was the TEMPLE TRIP!!!! It was spectacular!!!!!!! I love going to the Temple. There is no better place than the Temple on this entire Earth. I felt the Spirit SO strong!! I was kinda stressed about my district training for Thursday but I decided that I would just let it go while I was in the Temple. I remember earlier this week we were talking with someone about whether there was life on other worlds and he said no. But he is a member. And has gone through the Temple. But I remembered something in the video in the Temple that clears all that up! It is after Eve and Adam had partaken of the fruit and Christ and God are speaking to them and asked them why they took of the fruit. Eve said the serpent beguiled her. God called out Satan and cursed him for what he did. It was at this point that he says something to the point of, "If you are going to curse me for what has been done on other worlds...." This statement right here means that on other worlds, there must have been people. And they must have had the same kind of Tree. And Satan must have tempted them (or someone like Satan, but most likely Satan). And they partook of the fruit. We also are taught that Christ’s Atonement is for EVERYONE and I could almost promise that I remember hearing someone say it was for everyone on this world and all other worlds. Don't quote me on that but if you can find the quote too that would be sweet! Anyway, that was something that stuck out to me and was really cool! I love the feeling of the Celestial Room! There is something so amazing about being in a room full of people who are living the Gospel fully and all focused on being there to be close to God. Simply amazing! Then we went out to eat at some cafe' place that had really good chips and Salsa. There were 24 of us that went into this restaurant. they sat us at 8 to a table and had like 4 people serving us! At my table, we went through a total of 10 baskets of chips and 4 bowls of Salsa!! They just kept bringing them so we just kept eating them. It was definitely a record for me! Then we came home and visited Lalo and the family. Then we went home and I prepared for my training which was on "Testifying and Making Promises". Around 11 we went to bed.

Thursday around 3 a.m. I woke to not feeling very good. I walked around a little bit and went to the bathroom multiple times and eventually felt like, to quote Brian Regan, "All my insides wanted to be on my outside".... Yup.... My companion woke up to me coughing and gagging and crying and sniffling. It was red and I figured it was because of all the salsa I ate. He knocked on the door and asked me if I needed anything. I spent the rest of the night getting up every 30 minutes going to the bathroom.... Longest night of my life... I didn't really sleep the rest of that night. I texted Sister Killpack and asked her what I should do. I told her I was trying to sleep, I was taking small sips of water, I had taken some Tylenol, and some pepto bismal but with it wasn't helping. She said that the best thing I needed was sleep. She told me that if I needed to miss District Meeting to get some sleep then that’s what I needed to do. So I texted the ZL's and explained what was going on and then tried to sleep. Around 8 I fell asleep till 10. I felt alright so I asked the ZL's to come pick us up for meeting. Of course word had gotten around and everyone knew I was sick. So everyone was trying to help or make things easier for me. It was really nice but I kinda felt useless. :P Anyway, my training went good. We have been asked to try to only have like 25 minutes of training and 35 minutes of role play. Well, I spent about 50 minutes training and 10 minutes for role play... But my Zone Leader told me that he was really impressed. He expected it to be just kinda thrown together and rushed but that I did a very good job. When I got home for lunch after District Meeting, I went back into the bathroom for about 30 minutes and felt worse than I did that morning. So the only time we left the apartment after that was to get me some anti-bathroom pills. I don't like the word diarrhea. It just sounds like a dirty word to me. I spent the day watching Mormon messages and other random church movies we have lying around and Elder Siglin was working on his Chain Mail all day. Not a productive day....

Friday I still didn't feel good. One of our members wanted to help me feel better so he decided to treat us to Fuddruckers. It would have been great, except I still felt SICK!!! I am very grateful that he was willing to do that for me but I didn't feel good enough to eat at home, I don't think I would have felt good enough to eat at Fuddruckers. But it was really nice of him to try to help me feel better!

Saturday we went out finding cause I started to feel better. Nothing really happened that day. We didn't have any success finding today but I’m sure we will get some new investigators soon!

Sunday was good. It was really long though. I stayed in the Chapel for all 3 meetings. It was Ward Conference so all of our meetings were combined in some way. They were all about Hastening the Work. There was a scripture that Bishop read that was talking about feet. I can't remember what scripture it was though and I can't find it... But he was talking about how we need to watch where our feet are. Then he followed with "Stand Ye is Holy Places". He basically quoted dad right then and said, "So where are you headed?" Of course the picture of the road leading to the Temple that dad took with the words "Where Ya Headed?" came to mind. It was a great talk about how as we are heading in the right direction we will be guided to the right people and the right thing to say. That was what Church was about! I Loved it!

So I thought that his chain mail was kinda a weird thing. But he showed me some of the stuff that he does. It basically is what he does instead of draws. He isn't really a nerd like Xander ;) It is actually a really cool thing that he does. He makes bracelets and necklaces and such. He is teaching me how so that I can make presents for everyone! :)

Well I think that is about all the time that I have and all that I have to say! I love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers! We can really use them right now :)

Much love,

~Elder Kyle Harris 

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