Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hello family!! Boy I have really missed you all so much.... Not going to lie, this week was a really tough one for Elder Alder and I. We accomplished a lot and we found 3 new investigators! Plus we got our very first lesson to an investigator with a Member Present! But we have just been arguing a lot about dumb little things that I have no preference over until he makes a big deal out of it. I honestly hate teaching lessons with him because after every lesson, he tells me things that I did wrong and what I need to do to be better. I know that he is just trying to help but he doen't even say anything about what happened good or if the Spirit was felt. I guess that this week I kinda just felt like a bad missionary and thats why we argued a lot... Elder Alder also has depression. Pretty bad actually. He takes pills daily to help out. But this last friday during our Comp Inventory, he told me that I needed to get my ADHD in check because ADHD causes depression to double or something along those lines. I didn't know what to say or do. I just sat there with this dumb look on my face as he explained that depression causes him to have to have alone time and with my AHDH, I talk too much or have to have music to often when we are just sitting in silence during lunch and times like that. He gave me the phone and said that there was nothing that he could do to help my ADHD but President might have some ideas. Then he walked into our bedroom, closed and locked the door, and left me there to call President. So I did. I explained that my ADHD is causing Elder Alder and I to not function like good companions. I can't just sit in silence when Im not doing anything else. Even during studies, I have to get up and walk around or do something else cause I can't focus on just one thing for that long. The only time I can stay in focus is in lessons and yet we still get onto random tangents that dont really have anything to do with the lesson. I told President that I didn't know where to go or what to do next and explained that I didn't want to have to take pills if I didn't have to but that if it helped the work more then I would do anything. He assured me that unless I wanted to take pills, that I wouldn't have to. He also explained that this would just have to be something that I work through and that Elder Alder works through. I understand that he needs his silence sometimes. But I don't! So I've gotten into the habit that when he separates himself, I just put in some headphones and listen to Mercy Me or some music like that. I found out that Switchfoot is allowed to listen to out here and so I have been asking around if anyone has any but no luck thus far. I don't know if putting in headphones is a bad habit though because we aren't supposed to be "seperate" or studying in seperate rooms. So I have been thinking alot and I don't want to have to take pills. But maybe it would help.... What do you guys think...?
I said earlier that we got 3 new investigators. Dianna, Adiv, and Keith.
Dianna is the wife of Pier. She is super nice and everything she does is focussed on her family and helping out her 4 kids. She has the CUTEST kids ever! They have a 13 month old that goes in and out of the hospital though. He is basically deaf and so they will have to get hearing aids for him at just over a year old. However, the insurance may or may not cover it and they don't have the money for it. So we are really praying very hard for them and the ward is really getting involved! We talked with her and explained that the Relief Society in our ward is focussed on the welfare and care of those in the ward bondaries, not just members. And they have heard about what she is going through so they are more than willing to baby sit for free and provide dinners on those days that she just needs to get away and have some alone time with her husband. I am super excited for how much the ward is taking her in. I just hope that she feels the love and recognizes the Spirit as well that is present.
Keith is one of our potential investigators that I have told you about before. He is SUPER intelligent and knows about a lot of religions. He don't really know what he believes exactlt but he does believe in God. We were on exchanges when he was taught and I was out of the area with Elder Stock on the East side of our ward. Elder Alder and Elder Romero taught him the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! We will be going back there on Wednesday to follow up with him and invite him to church.
Adiv is from Nicaragua (I think I spelled that right. It is just below Mexico I believe...). He is what is known as Buhhai (Buh-hi). Basically the Buhhai believes that they have a "prophet" named Buhhal. He has written over 100 volumes of "revelation" for the church. And what they believe is that every church is right. They accept every religions beliefs and take it in as their own. They are, in fact, asked to read all of the books from the other religions to get to know them better. So he took the Book of Mormon in a heart beat and listened to the Restoration with a lot of intent. However, I don't know where to go with him. Even if he gains a testimony that it is true, it will still fall under his religion because they accept every religion and their books as truth. Which means that he would accept Joseph Smith as a prophet of God. So he is going to be difficult to work with and we are going to have to be careful with what we say and how we say it.
Those are our investigators! All of them are super interested in what we have to say and they have a lot of potential! It will take some time but it will be good to finally have people to work with!
Transfers are in 2 weeks already! Can you believe that it has been 8 months!?!?! Time has just flown by for me! Well this transfer and last transfer went by a little slower but I have friends that are going home and that is weird to see. Random fact, David Archuleta goes home from Chile in 2 weeks!
I am working on writing letters to everyone in the family individually. I am trying to space out the time for my writing them though because I want them to be personal and I don't want to repeat things that I have said to others in their letters. Hopefully I will get that in the mailbox this week, if not, IM SORRY!!
Mom, I am SOOO proud of you for doing so much family history! I will get on and check out how much has been done so that I can try to add on as well. :)
I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and your support. I know that our prayers are heard by our loving Heavenly Father. Don't stop though! I still need them. :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!
~Elder Kyle William Harris

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