Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How is good ole Utah?? I love it here in Tucson Arizona! The work is progressing and we are working super hard! Elder Flake is from Camano Island, WA. He plays all sports but football and basketball expecially. We are going to start playing basketball in the mornings for our work outs so hopefully that will get him up and going in the mornings! There are 3 companionships in our ward now! Elder Flake and I, Elder Smith is from Virgina (he is our district leader) and his companion is Elder Price (Iowa). Elder Price came out the same time as me and Elder Smith has been out for 12 months. Sister Shrader is from Kaysville, UT and is about 6 months old and her companion is Sister Winkler and she's from Fielding, UT and came out with me as well.

Lots of things happened this week! Elder smith is a spanish missionary and he had to go to some spanish training. So Elder Price came with us so we were in a 3-some. It was pretty cool actually. I like Elder Price. Anyway, we went to visit this Less-active. When we knocked on the door, some guy opened the door next door to the one we were knocking on. He looked at us and asked us to come inside. He was black, wore a red hat, had long bushy black hair coming out from behind the hat, and had a watch with diamonds all around it. He profiled us and told us what we would be if we were in the military. He said Elder's Flake and Price would be in the military at the front lines. He said I would be in the backgroud being a leader and making the tactical moves. I think he's pretty accurate about that. We don't know if it is his house though... All of the decor was really old person style. And all of the pictures on the wall were of older white people and their grandkids. Not one of them were black... He is totally a gangster, probably a blood. His name is Torian but told us to call him T. He invited us back to hear more about our church. I am a little nervous to go back cause it will probably be some old white guy that answers the door. I guess we'll see! ;)

We have about 600 people on our ward list and only 150 of them are active in the church. So we do a LOT of visiting to less-active members. We usually choose one area to focus on and go knock on all the doors of members then "box-knock" on the surrounding doors to invite people to hear our message. As we were box knocking, I looked back at a door that we skipped for some reason. The door was slightly cracked open and i could hear a dog inside. I remembered in a training by our Zone Leaders last transfer that we were challenged to offer a blessing on someones house at the doorstep while we were tracting. I walked over and knocked. A guy answered and before he could say anything, I introduced myself and told him I was promted to come to his door and offer a blessing on his home. He looked at me and told me that he would love that. His brother just passed away and his funeral was on Saturday. He asked us to come over before the funeral and give it then. We accepted then told him we have a message about how families can be together forever and asked if we could share that with him. He told us that would be wonderful and we parted ways. We will be going over tonight. He called us and said that he had to go set up for the funeral and to come back tonight. I know that the Holy Ghost promted me to go knock on that door. I know that the Holy Ghost brought to my rememberence to offer a blessing on his home. And I know that I followed that prompting and we found someone that needed to hear what we have to offer. This experience has changed my mission. I am looking always for those promptings so I can act on them and be guided by the Lord, instead of by my own decisions.

I was studying in the Book of Mormon today. I just got to Mosiah and read the first chapter. I saw something I had never seen before. Read verses 3-7 (you can skip verse 4 though). Replace the words "My sons" with "brothers and sisters" or even your own name. and replace the word "plates" with "scriptures" referring to the Book Of Mormon. It is super powerful and taught me a lot about why we should cherish the scripture we are given.

 We had dinner with a less active, he non-member boyfriend, 2 gay guys, and an athiest who hates all religion. Everyone in there smokes cigarettes and weed and drinks A LOT! The smell hit us like a brick wall when we walked in. I was really nervous that they were going to spike our drinks or something to get us intoxicated or something to that effect. Luckily they didn't and dinner was filling. Afterwards, the athiest, Kristian, started talking to Elder Flake about his beliefs. I was really nervous when Kristian started ragging on him and trying to get him to contradict himself. Elder Flake held his ground and said, "I believe in Christ. I believe in God. And I know this is his true church! This church isn't for everyone but it is for me and someday could be for you too." With that, Kristian said, "You know what you believe and stand strong and firm in it. I respect that. Thanks for talking with me." Then he left it at that. I am so proud of my son! He is an inspiration to me to be a better missionary. After dinner, the less actives boyfriend walked up to me and said, we were gonna spike your drinks but decided not to. Here is something for you and your companion though in case you ever do want to. He then handed me a little 4 ounce bottle of taquilla. I won't drink it but I am going to keep it safe and hidden. :)

I am glad you all like the package I sent. I would love some conference cd's and even some christmas cd's! I love all chirstmas music so whatever you can send me, I will take! :)  I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Write back soon! LOVE YOU!!!
~Elder Harris

"When satan reminds you of your past transgressions to bring you down, smile, then remind him of his future." ~ Sister Shrader

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